About our club

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give".

Winston Churchill

ACE was set up as a club that believes that the future of club photography will be more about involvement with the wider community rather than the individual. Consequently our activities have not been centered around competition but rather using photography as a way of supporting the community while at the same time providing opportunities for members to learn in a 'hands on' practical way.

The ACE Camera Club (inc) was established in 2014 to cater for photographers who wanted an alternative to the traditional competitive model with a greater emphasis on the social aspects of photography. This concept has formed the basis of our club ever since and provided members with the opportunity to engage in a wide range of photographic subjects and styles with the emphasis on learning in a non-competitive environment.

Our very first community projects was to provide a series of images for the Illuminart outdoor projection project commemorating the 2014 ANZAC First Fleet Departure from Albany which took place at the beginning of WW1. Since then we've been fully involved in local events through our photography including ANZAC services, City of Albany and Vancouver Arts Centre events, the Albany Public Library, Southern Edge Arts, the Museum of the Great Southern, ABC local radio, not for profit organisations and many local artists and performers.

We cater for beginners through to advanced photographers in digital, film, stereo/3D, pinhole and video as well DIY, in fact anything to do with recording light and sound. The covid pandemic meant we had to adapt our communications methods to include ZOOM conferencing which we have continued to develop and expand ever since.

We hold weekly practical photography workshops, monthly club nights, regular photowalks and we meet for coffee every Wednesday at 9:30am at Handasydes Cafe on Chester Pass Rd. Our club maintains a fully functioning darkroom in the old hospital mortuary.

ACE is committed to supporting initiatives that help strengthen our local arts community and to promote the enjoyment of photography for everyone.

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You can contact the ACE Camera Club (inc) here- ace.albany@gmail.com or Bob mobile 0481 315 262