ACE.......  Activate, Collaborate, Engage.

Welcome to the home page of the ACE Camera Club (inc) and the A-TEAM project.

Photography is changing and so are we.....  "We are committed to preserving the timeless traditions of photography, while also embracing innovative technologies that enhance the experience for all members of our community. Our aim is to foster a supportive environment where photographers of all skill levels can come together to develop their artistic abilities and reach their full potential in the visual arts."

LATEST: Congratulations to our talented A-TEAM members whose photographs earned them well deserved prizes at the 2023 Albany Agricultural Show.

The overall standard of the work produced was really impressive and received lots of positive comments from the public and judges.

The big surprise of the day was our club being awarded the Best Community Group Display banner which was presented by the Minister for Agriculture, . the Hon. Jackie Jarvis MLC, Rebecca Stevens MLA and Amarah Freemantle from the Agricultural Society.

We have the most amazing team of people in this group and there's going to be some exciting developments about to happen re additional activity space and expansion of the project.

GROWTH:  We are experiencing substantial growth in new membership and weekly activity hours which is putting pressure on existing facilities.  Thanks to some excellent support from APM Communities and the ACTIVE Foundation, we will be setting up our office, recording facility, meeting and computer space at the ACTIV premises in the New Year.   This will enable us to further expand our programs and activities while retaining our studio space at the Vancouver Arts Centre for photographic and other creative purposes, including film developing.

COMMUNITY PHOTOGRAPHIC EVENTS.  ACE will be running our very popular photobooths at this years Xmas Pageant, the Xmas Movie at the Town Hall and on Australia Day at Middleton Beach.   We will be taking out a group of seniors for a photo excursion around Albany on Seniors Week thanks to the City of Albany.

THE DARKROOM IS OPEN.  Due to an increase in interest, the darkroom is now open for film developing including pinhole.

CHANGES TO CLUB OPENING HOURS.  Large workshops and monthly club nights are no longer held due to diminished interest.   They've been replaced by 'on-demand' activities that we're finding are far more effective and productive.   Members can suggest an activity and this is open to others to join where applicable.   This frees up time that can be focussed where it's most beneficial.    The clubrooms remain open to members as required most days of the week.

If you would like to know more about our activities and programs please email us at or mobile 0481 315 262

We have a private Facebook page available for ACE, (members only) and another for A-TEAM, (members, family and support workers) to keep up to date with club activities.

We'd like to thank our amazing partners and sponsors for the valuable support they've contributed to our projects