Welcome to the home page of the ACE Camera Club (inc) and the A-TEAM project.

At Our Camera Club, we believe in the power of adaptation and embracing new technological trends to elevate the art of photography. We strive to provide a platform where photographers, regardless of their abilities or experience, can come together to produce above-average work and explore their full artistic potential. 

We follow an inclusive communities model, focusing on collaboration, support, achievement and personal growth rather than a traditional competitive approach.

Step into a world where the boundaries of photography are challenged, and creativity knows no limits. Our camera club is dedicated to embracing the ever-changing landscape of technology, ensuring our members stay at the forefront of innovation. But that's not all. We also prioritize creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities, recognizing their unique perspectives and talents. 

Together, we foster an inclusive community where aspiring and seasoned photographers alike can collaborate, learn from one another, and reach new heights in producing exceptional photographic art and story-telling.

Our club has a fully equipped studio and darkroom at the Vancouver Arts Centre in Albany and encourages everyone to enjoy photography at every level and form.

If you would like to know more about our activities and programs please email us at   ace.albany@gmail.com or mobile 0481 315 262

We have two private Facebook pages available for ACE, (members only) and A-TEAM, (members, family and support workers) to keep up to date with club activities.

We'd like to thank our amazing partners and sponsors for the valuable support they've contributed to our projects