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Location:  'The Annex'  Vancouver Arts Centre,  85 Vancouver St.  Albany 6330.

ACE would like to thank our generous supporters, partners and donors.


Our club began life in 2013 as the Albany Film Users Group which was changed to the ACE Camera Club (inc) after we decided life would be a lot more interesting if we included the use of every type of light recording device imaginable.

From the outset we considered that internal competition wasn't going to be our thing, but rather, we would focus on the social side of photography and  direct our efforts to supporting our local community through photography.

The club has been involved over that time in a large number of local, regional, NFP groups and individual events and projects.    

Just after covid restrictions were lifted we were approached by a local NDIS provider who asked if we might be interested in trialing a small, weekly workshop for people living with a disability.  We agreed that this was an area that had been previously neglected so we set it up and we are now enjoying the fast growing company of a large group of talented photographers and artist on multiple days a week.

The A-TEAM is achieving results far beyond what we expected and is growing exponentially with future plans to provide a range of resources and opportunities for people living with disabilities to show us all what they're capable of.

The club still retains its interest in all types of photography and darkroom activities and is especially interested in how we might harness the power of artificial intelligence to provide our members with all the benefits of the latest technologies.