News from ACE


Coffee Meetup, every Wednesday at Handasydes Cafe, Chester Pass Rd. Starts at 9:30am.



The Tuesday and Thursday A-Team workshops for people living with disabilities runs from 10.30am to 12.00pm.

Upcoming A-Team activities. Meet at the studio on Tuesday the 23rd and Thursday the 25th to listen to a short presentation on the Access and Inclusion Summit. This is something of real interest to our A-Team project so we need as many people to attend as possible. Written submissions can be made if anyone is unable to attend.



Weekend workshops, photowalks and events.

Activities are reduced during Winter and members will be advised by email as to upcoming events.

On Saturday we'll open the studio for members to fine tune their competition images.

On Sunday the 14th we will be visiting Designer Dirt and Ardess Nursery starting at 1.15pm followed by coffee at Handasydes.


The club darkroom (the old hospital mortuary) is open and available for use. Free photographic paper for members and some film. Learn how things were in the pre-digital era and create something unique that you can't do in Photoshop. Experimentation and weird concepts are encouraged.




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Enquiries to Bob or 0481 315 262