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Location:  'The Annex'  Vancouver Arts Centre,  85 Vancouver St.  Albany 6330.

ACE would like to thank our growing number of generous supporters, partners and donors.


There's no doubt that as photographers, we live in exciting and rapidly changing times.

For those of us who remember the transition from film to digital will recognise the signs that history is about to repeat itself with the rapid development and integration of Artificial Intelligence into photography, especially image processing.

There's also no doubt that the computational capabilities of the smartphone will have a huge impact on the cost v quality factor in our what to purchase decision making.  It's not hard to imagine that in the next few years, the quality and convenience of the phone will prove to have a huge influence on the path we take.

Our highly successful A-TEAM project which began in 2020 has reached a point where as a club, it's really stretching our resources.  Photographers with disability we're just not catered for and we needed to evolve a program that not only made this achievable, but welcoming to everyone.

The foundation of the project was built on teamwork and this, along with the members and support workers outstanding level of enthusiasm has been the key to our success.

Thanks to a really positive response from our local community organisations, our A-TEAM project is about to move into it's next phase of development.

Lot's exciting challenges and opportunities for everyone involved.

Also, big thank you to the Albany Agricultural Society for providing a section in this years photographic section for photographers with disability.    The prize money is really good and ACE is contributing a further $100 each for the best photo in each section.