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ACE Camera Club web page

Albany Western Australia

'It's about what we could be - not what we used to be'

Thanks for visiting our club web page.


The ACE Camera Club is committed to maintaining a socially inclusive environment that welcomes photographers of all levels and abilities.

Our club is actively involved in supporting the local community through a wide range of joint projects, events and activities.

Here's a bit of what we do.......

  • We hold 2 workshops each week for people living with disabilities. See the A-Team page.

  • Coffee mornings at Handasydes cafe on Chester Pass Rd from 9:30am every Wednesday.

  • Saturday Workshops (themed and open).

  • Starting soon, Monday night online chat sessions for club members. 7:30pm start, link sent via email.

  • Monthly club nights on the 4th Wednesday of each month, excluding January. Starts 7:30pm at our studio.

  • Photowalks to various locations.

  • Film projects and Darkroom activities. See the Film page for details.

  • Community Projects and Events support.

We live in fairly uncertain times and with the imminent opening up of the Western Australia border we are following recommended guidelines and establishing an online facility that will enable members to continue their involvement in club activities should any disruptions occur.

We're currently developing an online facility where members will be able to participate in covid safe activities should restrictions be put in place.

Please follow the rules and guidelines and stay safe.

Please browse though our other pages and feel free to contact us via email if you'd like to know more about our club activities and resources. ace.albany@gmail.com or Bob on 0481 315 262