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Welcome to the ACE Camera Club and A-TEAM website

A Camera Club for photographic enthusiasts
Digital- Film- Pinhole- Video- Studio- Darkroom- Printing- Audio- Events 

What we do.

ACE is an inclusive camera club for all photographers from beginners to advanced.  We cover digital, video, film, creative arts and very much welcome those who want to get out of their 'comfort zone'.

The club operates out of two locations in Albany - Vancouver Arts Centre, 85 Vancouver St and the ACTIV Foundation, 11 Minna St.    Hours vary to suit activities and visiting requests from members.

We hold outings and activities each Tuesday and Thursday at 10.30am mostly starting from ACITV.

Digital cameras are available to members who don't have their own.

An afternoon computer workshop and photo assessment session each Thursday at 1.00pm at ACTIV.

ACE supports local community events, other NFP groups and individuals who have a similar focus.

Provide small group training to members on a wide range of subjects.

We have a darkroom available for 'old school' photography and free photo paper for members.

Members photos can be exhibited at the Vancouver Arts Centre gallery where we have a permanent space.

There is a fully equipped photo studio available with lighting, backdrops, etc.

We have just set up a gaming corner where members can play video games on a large screen.

The club is looking at recording podcasts and getting involved in producing videos that will be produced by members on a range of subjects.

We have 


   THIS WEEK:  Term 2 starts 16th and 18th April  


  Thursday-  ANZAC Day, no activities. 

Member spotlight - Jasmine

One of our primary goals is to focus on the multitude of Abilities that we've become aware of since we started the A-TEAM project.
Much of this talent has remained hidden away due to the limited number of opportunities to get work out to where it can be seen and appreciated.
The potential for producing quality works of photography have now reached a stage where opportunities exist to find employment, exhibit and start micro-businesses.
Here's some of the excellent work from A-TEAM member Jasmine who is developing impressive skills in pet and event photography.   She has recently opened her own pet photography business and given her enthusiasm, will make a great success of it.
Jas 6.jpg
Jas 3.jpg
Top- The ANZAC Centre.
Lower- Voucher scramble at the Denmark Youth Festival which requires some very quick thinking.
Jas 5.jpg
Top- Jasmine wins a First prize and best over-all entry in the 2023 Albany Agricultural Show All Abilities section photo competition.
Jas 1.jpg

Above- Jasmine practicing the skills of composing a group photo.

Jas 2.jpg

Above-  The group photo of the mountain bike riders.

Jas 7.jpg

Above-  Action shots call for a fast reflex and a good sense of prediction.

Jas 4.jpg

Above- Group shots need a photographer with a keen eye for timing and detail.

coming soon

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