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Welcome to the ACE Camera Club and A-TEAM website

A Camera Club for photographic enthusiasts
Digital- Film- Pinhole- Video- Studio- Darkroom- Printing- Audio- Events 

ACE is an inclusive camera club for all photographers from beginners to advanced.  We cover digital, video, film, pinhole, creative arts and very much welcome the camera enthusiasts who wants to take that extra step outside their 'comfort zone'.

The club operates out of two locations in Albany - Vancouver Arts Centre, 85 Vancouver St and the ACTIV Foundation, 11 Minna St.    Hours vary to suit activities and visiting requests from members.

We hold regular outings and activities each Tuesday and Thursday at 10.30am mostly starting from ACTIV.e have 



  Tuesday-  10.30am outing from ACTIV to be announced.  

  Thursday- 10.30am outing from ACTIVE to be announced.  Thursday 1.00pm ACTIV workshop and photo review.  

World Pinhole Photography Day

Being a club that covers just about everything to do with recording, processing and exhibiting the resulting effects via a range of different media, World Pinhole Day is something that we're keen to be involved in.
When we began we experimented with simple cans and cardboard boxes but being photographers we answered the challenge to produce image quality as close as possible to conventional cameras using home made large format cameras with paper negatives.
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Above, a really difficult lighting challenge in our studio kitchen.

Below, a photo of a model VW Kombi Microbus taken with a Canon 40D DSLR with a pinhole body cap.


What's New?


Above, a photo of a statue taken with an 8x10, camera made from foamcore.

Below, the Vancouver Arts Centre photographed with a 120mm plastic drainpipe camera. Great for distortion.


  Keeping your memories safe  

Some members have already begun keeping their best photos in their own scrapbooks and we thought that this was such a great idea that we now have large scrapbooks on sale for just $3.00 each.

The club provides up to 4 free 6" x 4" prints per month to members which are ideal for showing friends and family a selection of their best work.   This is a good indoor project for a wet day.


coming soon

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