Tuesday the 27th.  Visiting the Forts once more to learn a bit more about good composition.   Meet at ACTIV at 10.30am.

Thursday the 29th.  Princess Royal Sailing club, Little Grove where we might do a bit of underwater photography if the weather is ok.

Every Thursday- Computer workshop and photo reviews.  Meet at ACTIV, 1.30pm.


This year represents a new era in the evolution of our club as we adapt to growth and the rapidly changing environment.   We're planning to sharpen our focus on beginners and creative artists and further expand our A-TEAM activities.

OUR NEW STUDIO AND WORKSHOP OPENS.   On the 1st of February we opened our new space at the ACTIV Foundation building in Minna St. Albany.    The growth of the A-TEAM has outstripped our available space at the Vancouver Arts Centre and this allows us to split activities between the two places.     Managing the A-TEAM has moved well beyond the capacity of the camera club to manage and we're now focused on putting in place a management strategy that can continue to build on the outcomes and success this project has achieved.

Thanks to the ACTIV Foundation for making this space available for our use.    Community support is really appreciated.

Here's some of what we already have in place or is on the to-do list.

 ABOVE:   The Thursday group at the opening                             The gaming corner                                        Photo processing and recording studio

Thanks to a grant from the City of Albany, our club will be able to run a series of day trips to various events and places of photographic interest around the Great Southern over the next year.    This will provide a range of learning opportunities and as well as photographic challenges for our members.    At the moment we're asking members for suggestions as to the most interesting places to visit.

Thanks to the City of Albany from the A-TEAM for providing us with the means to make this happen.

If you would like to know more about our activities and programs please email us at or mobile 0481 315 262

We have a private Facebook page for A-TEAM, (members, family and support workers) to keep up to date with club activities.

We'd like to thank our generous partners and sponsors for their valuable support that  enables us to continue with  our many community projects.