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Welcome to the ACE Camera Club and A-TEAM website

A Camera Club for photographic enthusiasts
Digital- Film- Pinhole- Video- Studio- Darkroom- Printing- Audio- Events 

ACE is an inclusive camera club for all photographers from beginners to advanced.  We cover digital, video, audio, film, darkroom, pinhole construction, creative arts and very much welcome the camera enthusiasts who wants to take that extra step outside their 'comfort zone'.

The club operates out of two locations in Albany - Vancouver Arts Centre, 85 Vancouver St and the ACTIV Foundation, 11 Minna St.    Hours vary to suit activities and opening requests from members.

We hold regular outings and activities each Tuesday and Thursday at 10.30am mostly starting from ACTIV.e have 



This will be the final week for term 2.

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The 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ACE Camera Club (inc) and associated meetings will take place 1.00pm on Sunday, August 18, 2024 at ACTIV, 11 Minna St. Albany 6330.


On Tuesday the 18th and Thursday the 20th of June we visited the Police Museum at Mt Barker.
Museum staff provided a guided tour of the historic buildings which house an interesting display of police and local community history plus an extensive collection of agricultural machinery from the area. 
There was definitely no shortage of things to photograph and members were kept busy with their cameras taking pictures of the many items on display.
Thanks to the Museum staff who opened up especially for our visit and the City of Albany for providing funds that covered the cost of bus hire and associated expenses.
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  Keeping your memories safe  

Some members have already begun keeping their best photos in their own scrapbooks and we thought that this was such a great idea that we now have large scrapbooks on sale for just $3.00 each.

The club provides up to 4 free 6" x 4" prints per month to members which are ideal for showing friends and family a selection of their best work.   This is a good indoor project for a wet day.

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AI image generation

Back in the days of the first digital cameras many people regarded them as a passing fad while others did their best to hold back the inevitable.   The same is true of AI image and video generation.

In its early stages it was not that impressive as far as realism and accuracy goes but now that's a totally different story as its almost impossible to pick by which process the image was produced.

To go with our scrapbook project we have AI creation tools at our ACTIV studio that can be used to enhance the page layout by adding items that can be generated from user prompts.

This will provide a great opportunity for some creative design work.

THE 2024 ALBANY AGRICULTURAL SHOW   In 2023 ACE we collaborated with the Ag Society in creating the first photography section specifically for photographers with disability.

This ensures a more fairly balanced competition environment and encourages everyone to participate who may not have the resources available that we all take for granted.

In 2024 we've been asked if we could manage the whole photography section and we're in the process of setting up a program for the show. 

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ACE Members Gallery      Click on an image to expand

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